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  • Did You Know...?

    Vanillabazaar is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation and the Organic Federation in the UK to sell products to these standards. This ensures the full traceability of all these products back to the grower. The organic status ensures that no pesticides were used in the production of these pods and the Fairtrade mark ensures that the growers always get a fair price for growing them. Supreme pods vary in size between 14cm to 20cm and each pod has extra special care taken to look after them to ensure a high level of vanillin and good moisture content. These pods will not disappoint!

    2 months ago
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  • We love our customers!

    Feedback, and word-of-mouth is how we grow our business. This is why we value your feedback so much! Without you we wouldn't be here, and we always appreciate your custom. Futhermore, since the pandemic hit, your feedback has been amazing in helping us get back on track. We really appreciate your kind words, and want to shout about our customers at every opportunity! 

    2 months ago
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  • Diwali Celebrations

    Diwali is a festival of lights and one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists, notably Newar Buddhists. This year, it began on the 4th of November, and lasted for around 5 days. Despite Diwali being being over, we wanted to carry on and share some Diwali recipes with you, which you can use our vanilla in! We like to think that many people from all over the world will try some of these Diwali recipes, and celebrate the festival of light next time around!

    2 months ago
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  • Classic Vanilla Eclairs, and Amazing Pastry Chefs!

    We provide high quality Madagascan Vanilla Products, at competitive prices, and, we currently have a HUGE sale on! We also supply to some top names, and well-accredited cookery schools, for example, so you know that you're only getting the very best quality product! Want that high quality product in bulk for your business? No problem at all! We have that covered too. Just head to our shopping tab, to check out the great deals that we have for you and your company.

    3 months ago
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  • How to make... Very Vanilla Oats!

    To make this great creation, add:
    • 45g of oats, protein powder and milk to an oven-proof dish (like this one from the @oatpantry )
    • Mix in chia seeds and @vanillabazaar vanilla powder to the mix
    • Bake for about 30 minutes at 180° Fan
    • Add your toppings (today, @perkierfoods crunchy peanut bar!, banana, @alpro vanilla, PB, more @vanillabazaar powder, and a few pumpkin seeds!)

    3 months ago
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  • Your Creations!

    We ALWAYS appreciate your amazing creations, and we love, love, love when you tag us in photos! We have a few to show you, that use our vanilla, and we are more than thankful...

    3 months ago
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  • Single-Serve Puddings...?

    Single-serve puddings. They're great in so many ways! Whether it be reducing food waste (which is something that you can feel good about), or...

    4 months ago
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  • How much do YOU know about Vanilla Pods?

    Look at all of these yummy vanilla pods! Thousands of pods, all ready for bundling, line the tables in these photos...
    4 months ago
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  • Is it too early for Christmas baking...?

    Is it too early for Christmas bake ideas? Hmm... we don't think so! Why don't you get some ideas together for some Christmas-themed bakes? This way, you're definitely prepared for this year. 

    5 months ago
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  • Sonas Health Foods

    Vanilla Bazaar is now a supplier to the incredible 'Sonas Health Foods' who are located in Ireland. To be a supplier to anyone is amazing, as we know our products are always enjoyed. However, being a supplier to small businesses is always even better! This is because we know that small businesses have a hard time choosing which great supplier to buy from; there is always a big range!
    5 months ago
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  • Vanilla Sugar

    Possibly one of our least talked about products, but one that has many uses, and has an excellent flavour – have you heard of vanilla sugar before? If you haven’t, we are here to tell you more about this stylish, and fragrant ingredient.
    6 months ago
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  • Customer Feedback

    Customer feedback is so important to us, in terms of being able to grow our small business, and to learn what you love (or maybe don’t love so much!) about how we run things.....
    6 months ago
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  • Vanilla Market

    The price of vanilla is ever-changing, and the vanilla market is currently cooling down after years of exorbitant prices. Unlike several other businesses, who are unfortunately not adhering to a specific code of conduct, we are following and respecting the minimum price guidelines that have been set out by the government; this is despite us still holding a large stock, due to the pandemic!
    6 months ago
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  • Vanilla Traybake by @pandan_gula_melaka!!

    We love that we can continue to share amazing bakes from creators on Instagram, on our blog! There are so many creations that you can whip up with our vanilla, and it is the perfect time to tuck into some summertime treats in your garden! If you have still got the urge to bake in this heat, why don’t you try using our vanilla in your ice cream? Maybe you can also pair it with this incredible...
    6 months ago
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  • Mango Bread with a Mango Glaze by @vegansua

    Hi all! It's time for another recipe from one of our Instagram creators, who used our Madagascan Vanilla Powder for this bake! This time, it's Mango Bread! Here we have another INCREDIBLE and just positively creative bake from @vegansua ! Forget banana bread, what about this incredible MANGO bread!? (It also has an EPIC mango caramel glaze to go with it!)
    7 months ago
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  • Alkaline Black Sapote 'Chocolate' and Cherry Tart by @vegansua

    This recipe is a repost straight from @vegansua !! All credit to her! She made this incredible "ALKALINE BLACK SAPOTE ‘CHOCOLATE’ & CHERRY TART⁣" ⁣ Black sapote is a tropical fruit is (aka ‘chocolate pudding fruit’) due to its dark brown pulp and subtle sweet flavour. It is a species of persimmon and is native to Central America. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants and many minerals like potassium, calcium and iron, this is definitely a great way to get your chocolate fix!⁣ ⁣
    7 months ago
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  • SALSA Approved

    Welcome back to another blog post, where we explain what being SALSA Approved is! A few weeks ago, we received our SALSA certificate - and we're very proud!  The @salsafood (on Instagram) certificate is the Safe & Local Supplier Award. They state that "SALSA is the food safety certificate for small UK food producers with big ambitions"!!
    7 months ago
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  • Breakfast Oats (Porridge) Ideas!

    Breakfast! Arguably the most important meal of the day, in terms of brain function and productivity! It also sets you up for the day! However, some people aren't a fan, that's okay too. If you generally don't like eating breakfast OR LOVE breakfast, try some of these porridge recipes!
    7 months ago
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  • Why should you use VanillaBazaar?

    Why should you choose VanillaBazaar? The question is, why shouldn't you!? Take a look at just some of the reasons that you should use us, over our competitors! VanillaBazaar provide high quality Madagascan Vanilla Products, at competitive prices, and, we currently have a HUGE sale on! Our products are also Fairtrade.......
    7 months ago
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  • Eid Creations

    In the middle of May, we celebrated Eid! We were so busy in the kitchen making some delightful desserts, to celebrate Eid! For example, we made traditional Stuffed Kharak, to celebrate! For our followers who may be unaware, Eid al-Fitr’s name comes from an Arabic term which translates as the “feast of breaking the fast” Eid Mubarak!
    8 months ago
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