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It was in 2006 that Sakina, our founder, decided to sow the seeds of a vanilla business. She was keen to provide the UK with much better access to high-quality, affordable vanilla products from her birthplace, Madagascar, where vanilla was an integral part of her daily life — its scarcity in the UK highlighted its value to her.

Vanillabazaar was founded within a much more stable landscape, when prices were not constantly fluctuating due to global issues within the vanilla market. Even so, despite the precariousness of the market nowadays, we have remained committed to providing the best quality Madagascan vanilla, which has been praised for its unique flavour by chefs. Even though 97% of vanilla products use artificial vanilla, we not only sell exclusively organic vanilla, but also use no middlemen in our processes: our vanilla comes directly through our agents at Madagascan plantations. We want to ensure full satisfaction for you, as customers, as much as we do for the farmers who work with us.

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