Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is a festival of lights and one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists, notably Newar Buddhists. This year, it began on the 4th of November, and lasted for around 5 days. Despite Diwali being being over, we wanted to carry on and share some Diwali recipes with you, which you can use our vanilla in! We like to think that many people from all over the world will try some of these Diwali recipes, and celebrate the festival of light next time around!

Whilst these recipes our not ours, we have linked the creators in, as this is only fair. These three recipes our some of our favourite Diwali picks, and we truly can't wait to see your creations!

First of all, we have the lovely Rabdi or rabri. This is a classic and traditional Indian sweet, made of thickened sweetened milk and filled with layers of clotted cream (malai). It is also known as lachha rabdi in Hindi language - this is the website from which the recipe orginates: https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/rabri-recipe-rabdi-recipe/

You will need:
- 1.25 litres whole milk
- 2.5 to 3 tablespoons sugar or add as required
- ½ teaspoon cardamom powder or 5 to 6 green cardamoms, crushed in mortar-pestle
- 12 to 15 saffron strands (kesar) – crushed
-1 teaspoon rose water or kewra water (pandanus water)
-2 tablespoons almonds (badam) – blanched and sliced
-2 tablespoons pistachios (pista) – blanched and sliced
- Our vanilla, to taste!

In this recipe, we believe that the vanilla will really work well with the cardamom, and really infuses itself in this pudding-like dessert.


Next up, we have Coconut Burfi (With Condensed Milk) - this recipe is from: https://www.spiceupthecurry.com/coconut-burfi-recipe/

Coconut Burfi is made using only 4 ingredients! Even for those who do not celebrate Diwali, these are ingredients that you will find in your cupboards - it would be great to see everyone trying some of these recipes out and trying something new! "Coconut burfi is a south Indian Sweet recipe made with coconut, sugar, milk and cardamom powder. It is one of the most commonly made sweet during festivals & celebrations in South India"

- Dry coconut

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