Businesses That Use Vanillabazaar: @Julesofthekitchen

This series will look at businesses and independent sellers that use Vanillabazaar! By giving you an idea of who are consumers are, we hope to show you how versatile our vanilla is, and that it can be used by anyone, anywhere, for almost anything!

“Jules of the Kitchen” or @julesofthekitchen (if you know her from Instagram), is an extremely talented Culinary Motivator; Cordon Bleu Professional and Celebrity Cook. The fully trained professional cook has over 35 years of experience in the industry, with food preparation being Julia’s predominant passion!! Working for many companies, including working as a personal chef to many of those in politics, business, and the entertainment industries, Julia’s knowledge is extensive, and this is reflected in her recipes. Now, without giving too much away, Julia has worked as a personal cook to actor Harrison Ford, film director Steven Spielburg and his partner film producer George Lucas, plus the Californian fitness guru Jake Steinfeld. These top names are renowned for the work in their fields, and must be a privilege to work for. However, Jules Toon is also the author of author ‘Good Eating, Taste of Qatar, which we think is even better! The dedication it takes to become an author is incredible.

But, why are we telling you about Jules, today? Well, we admire her work! Not only is Vanillabazaar a go-to brand for Jules, but she is a loyal and admirable customer, who is extremely pleasant to talk to, and is very down-to-earth. This is an example of a customer who we are so, so proud to supply, like all of our customers! Jules has also been lucky enough to see her work printed in magazines, aside from her incredible website (a plethora of recipes online, if you will), and has worked extensively in the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, New Zealand and her home away from home: Qatar. She is always adding to her expertise and knowledge by studying the cuisine and food preparation methods in each of these countries, and every country she visits.

So, how does Jules use our products? Jules, like many of us, also does a lot of home baking too, despite her culinary success on a larger scale! She states that “for quality vanilla flavouring use only the best; Vanilla Bazaar ❤️”, which we absolutely love! Many of her recipes are absolute classics, such as this simple Victoria Sponge, taken to another level! Why not check it out here?

She states to make and bake a classic sandwich sponge and fill with your favourite jam and vanilla buttercream, with heaps of buttercream on top and crown with piles of white chocolate finger biscuits! Baking has never been so appealing! However, you may also want to make Jules’s vanilla buttercream, utilising: 200g butter, softened; 400g icing sugar; 4 tbsp milk, and, of course our vanilla! We recommend using our vanilla caviar for this recipe! There are around 40 pods in one jar!! This is the most concentrated form of vanilla that you can get with any processing of the bean and it comes at a very economic price when you calculate the equivalent number of pods in one jar. This variant is also organic which means the pods have been carefully looked after without the use of pesticides!

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