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Customer feedback is so important to us, in terms of being able to grow our small business, and to learn what you love (or maybe don’t love so much!) about how we run things! Your experiences with our products help us to gauge your satisfaction with what we sell, and your satisfaction surrounding our customer services! We are so proud of the feedback that you give us, and we’d like to share some with you, in this blog post! See for yourself what people think of VanillaBazaar! Have you left a review of your own yet? Andrew: "The vanilla pods are absolutely superb. Shiny, plump and marvellously scented - there is no room for any disappointment here.... I am very happy with my purchase". This lovely customer comment was from back in May 2020, and we love how happy Andrew was with his purchase! Want to get your hands on your own Vanilla Pods? There is currently up to 1/3rd off on all products! Navigate to the shop tab, at the top of this page, and take a look! We love that you hold us to such a high regard! We're proud to be your vanilla supplier! Thank you to @cakey_stuff who left this lovely comment underneath one of our latest posts on Instagram: “The best vanilla essence I have invested in”. Our vanilla doubles as the PERFECT gift for those in your life, especially if they love their baking, or just the amazing aroma of vanilla! You can grab some great quality products for less than £10-£15, which is absolutely perfect for those of us on a budget (we know this year has been a tough one!). Jennifer Scott, another of our customers stated that she “was most impressed with your (our) web site as it fully explains the various qualities of vanilla available, and their origins. I was easily able to determine what quality and price range I required. I produce all our food from pure and organic foodstuffs, as far as possible". This is great, as we know we can meet so many needs of a vast array of people! Keep the reviews coming, as we love hearing all of your kind comments! Don’t forget, if you have had an issue with your purchase itself, or your purchase experience, you can leave a review, or you can contact us through a number of ways: 1. Leave feedback via this form on our website (click the ‘contact us’ tab, above) 2. E-mail us at 3. Phone us at this number: +44(2) 203 291 0786 4. Send us an Instagram DM at 5. Send us a message on Facebook at Our opening hours are as follows: Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 17:00 Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED Therefore, if you message us over the weekend, we will aim to get back to you the next working day! Keep the reviews coming, and we look forward to hearing from you!
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