We love our customers!

Feedback, and word-of-mouth is how we grow our business. This is why we value your feedback so much! Without you we wouldn't be here, and we always appreciate your custom. Futhermore, since the pandemic hit, your feedback has been amazing in helping us get back on track. We really appreciate your kind words, and want to shout about our customers at every opportunity!

For example, these are some of the lovely quotes that we have recieved on our posts recently:

- Really fragrant, great quality stuff... nice to see an ethical purveyor out there! - @depressinglyalternative

- Quality, affordable and just SUPERB. The best vanilla I have tasted in years! LOVE IT! - @julesofthekitchen

- Loving the vanilla products I got from @vanillabazaar. The freshest and most flavoursome vanilla I have used. Made the best ice cream and custard for our menu - @unionsoho.kitchen

We also would like to mention that when you use our vanilla, and share your creations, we get super happy! For example, a Classic Vanilla Eclair was made and (of course) expertly executed by @pastrychef_mikey ! Michael Coggan is a Head Pastry Chef for @pettigrewbakes, and has competed on Bake Off: The Professionals 2021 (Winner

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