More Customer Reviews!!

We will NEVER tire of sharing customer feedback and quotes with you. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.

For example, Granny Gothard's are a lovely company who produce the very best natural artisan ice cream in the heart of Devon. They have been making Award-winning ice cream since 2006 and are experts in their field!
They still even make every single batch by hand to the same exceptional standard as the very first day, whilst using only with the best ingredient! They use nothing artificial and believe that Mother Nature provides the finest ingredients herself! 

Therefore, when they said that they "Love love love our pods, as well as working with such an ethical company" we were so happy!! They also said that @vanillabazaar pods are powerful and, when infused into soya milk, they add to add to the depth of flavour!!

Another lovely customer who raved about our vanilla is the incredible @pastrychef_mikey, who said: "Thank you, they couldn't be done without your great products" (in regard to his AMAZING patisseries). We are super thankful for all of our customers and clients. We thank you all for being loyal, long-term customer and short-term customers, and we enjoy working with you all and appreciate your help in growing our business.

Finally, "It really shows that Vanillabazaar's products are made with such care and love, as they are nothing short of excellent quality" - @foodfindslucy

We love hearing your feedback, whether that be feedback based on our products, or feedback based on our website. We're thankful for all of your kind comments, such as this one from one of our customers! We can't wait to see what you make next! For anyone who would like us to share your posts using our vanilla, drop us a DM, or tag us in your posts!

Keep the feedback coming, everyone. We love to hear your thoughts!

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