Is it too early for Christmas baking...?

Is it too early for Christmas bake ideas? Hmm... we don't think so! Why don't you get some ideas together for some Christmas-themed bakes? This way, you're definitely prepared for this year. 

So many lovely creators on Instagram, and small businesses, have made the perfect Christmas recipes. They're great for sharing with family, such as this tear-and-share panettone (a staple by @littleredhenbakes). This amazinng little company baked their panettone using our very own @vanillabazaar vanilla pods. We've had so many great reviews on our pods, such as by Andrew, one of our customers. He said this: "The vanilla pods are absolutely superb. Shiny, plump and marvellously scented - there is no room for any disappointment here.... I am very happy with my purchase".

Maybe you're a business looking for seasonal ideas. If so, why not try our new product? We now stock a whopping 1kg of Essential Organic Madagascan Vanilla Pods, which are amazing for food service, and for those who churn out 100s of bakes a week. We already supply to a number of wholesale customers, who use our vanilla for commercial purposes; whether that be using it in their ice cream, in their cookery schools, or in their restaurants, for example. These pods have a good vanillin content and sizes less than 13cm - they are perfect for extraction purposes! Check out the link here >>
and discover the amazing prices that we have for you! High quality, low price!

Back to this panettone then. Would you like an ingredient list? If so, check it out below! 

@littleredhenbakes states that the panettones are baked in 500g panettone cases. Each panettone weighs approximately 800g each, and the ingredients include:
- Italian Manitoba flour
@vanillabazaar pods
- Organic sulphite free lemon and orange peel
- Organic sultanas
- Fresh organic yeast
- Unrefined caster sugar
- Orange zest
- Organic butter
- Eggs (Stafford Farm eggs)

We know that organic, good quality food always boasts the best bake. Therefore, remember to shop local, such as at your local farm shop.

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