Vanilla Extracts

CO2 Extracted Vanilla Extracts

Our extracts are split into the following:

Vanilla extract has in recent years become an essential ingredient in every discerning kitchen's larder. It is commonly known that extract is a superior product to 'essence' which is a chemically synthesised product and that extract is a convenient way of including the true flavours of the vanilla pod to your cooking.

The process of creating vanilla extract is hundreds of years old and has not changed much in that time. The extract is distilled through alcohol (sometimes in a pressurised vat) to extract the constituent components from the vanilla pod and leads to a brown liquid in an alcohol substrate that we commonly see today. Some manufacturers burn off as much alcohol that they can and mix the resulting product into an invert sugar base.

However, what many people find is that an extract is only an approximation of the flavour profile that the original vanilla pod has. This is only as expected as the process relies on alcohol dissolving the compounds that are in the pod. Many of these compounds do not actually contribute to the flavour of the pod, for example the pod pigmentation which makes the extract brown. So we find that those chefs, manufacturers and discerning home cooks who want to get the true flavour profile of the pod will still choose to use a pod or an untainted powder to meet their requirements which can require more time and money.

Vanilla extract needed a re-think...and Vanillabazaar has brought it to you in the form of our range of extracts.

Nothing short of a revolution, we have turned the process of extracting vanilla on its head.

Our extracts are made through the latest patented extraction techniques which takes the original vanilla pods and passes liquified carbon dioxide through it. This happens in bespoke vats in a process that is carefully controlled to extract significantly more of the flavours from the pods and less of the components that are not required. The result is a pure vanilla extract that is extremely concentrated which we formulate into our Purity extract by combining with invert sugar in a carefully controlled process. This formula and manufacturing process is unique to Vanillabazaar so you cannot find this product elsewhere (unless we supplied it to them!).


Supercritical fluid extract has:

  • A significantly better flavour profile than standard extract
  • Has ingredients that come only from the original pod, and invert sugar
  • Gives excellent value for money when taking account the vanillin content per £

The Purity extract comes in:

  • Organic/Non Organic
  • Standard/Intense (double) strength
  • WIth or without seeds (to give the effect of having used pods)

Used by specilist food service around the worls including gelato, premium dessert, chocolate, popcorn, custard and other manufacturers. This is a proven product that has been going strong since 2011.

The production process complies to the following certification:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • Organic (ECOCERT) where appropriate
  • Halal (HCS)
  • Kosher (KLBD)
  • EC Flavouring Regulation No. 1334/2008

Here are some of the reviews of our Purity extract in the media

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