Speciality Vanilla Extracts

Speciality Vanilla Extract

The speiality extracts that we sell are a very highly concentrated form of the Purty extracts. They contain no base and are teh actual distillateds from the innovative carbon dioxide extraction process that is used to extract the flavour from the pods. This process has no by-products becasue only liquified carbon dioxide is used which evaporates at the end of the process leaving behind only the elements that were present in the vanilla pod in the first place. The extraction rpocess results in 3 layers of extraction, one which is used to make the purity extract, another that is called the 12% extract, and the other the 26% extract.

The 12% and 26% have different properties, but in summary their uses are as for use as food flavouring, in confectionery, in ice creams, cakes, desserts, beverages and liqueurs, for tooth-paste flavouring, for taste improvement of lipsticks, and in perfumery and cosmetics.

The choice of which extract to use is based on the strength, (26% is greater) and also the solubility. Please see the product details for more information.

 All our extracts confirm to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • Organic (ECOCERT) where appropriate
  • Halal (HCS)
  • Kosher (KLBD)
  • EC Flavouring Regulation No. 1334/2008

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