Sunshine Soursop Smoothie Bowl Recipe by @vegansua

Hi all,

Thank you so much for joining us for another blog post! Today we are sharing this lovely Sunshine Soursop Smoothie Bowl by @vegansua on Instagram.

We're in awe at all the recipes that you are tagging us in, and are looking forward to trying out some of these recipes ourselves. @vegansua has created this incredible smoothie bowl - below is her list of ingredients for its contents: 

- @fruitsandrootsuk⁣ soursop
- frozen burro banana⁣
- @sashas_seamoss sea moss⁣
- @vanillabazaar organic Madagascan vanilla powder
⁣- @rerootedorganic coconut milk⁣
- organic hemp powder⁣

The toppings you can see are:

- yellow pitaya from @fruitsandrootsuk⁣
- specialty mango from @waitrose⁣
- dried mango bites from @jungle_fruit⁣
- organic kiwi from @riverford⁣
- organic frozen wild blueberries⁣
- organic frozen raspberries⁣
- @essentialtrading organic coconut flakes⁣

If you recreate this recipe then tag both @vanillabazaar and @vegansua on Instagram. Seeing your creations makes our day!

Smoothie Bowl by @vegansua

2 years ago
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