Mango Bread with a Mango Glaze by @vegansua

Hi all! It's time for another recipe from one of our Instagram creators, who used our Madagascan Vanilla Powder for this bake! This time, it's Mango Bread! Here we have another INCREDIBLE and just positively creative bake from @vegansua ! Forget banana bread, what about this incredible MANGO bread!? (It also has an EPIC mango caramel glaze to go with it!)

@vegansua 's bake is also vegan, alkaline, refined sugar-free, gluten-free! Futhermore, our Madagascan Organic Vanilla powder is also in the mix! Check out her full post for the ingredients list, by clicking on her profile link and finding this photo! (

This recipe is a full repost from @vegansua 's Instagram page, and we give all credit to her for creating this recipe! Enjoy everyone, and let us know if you have made this!


"Ingredients for the mango bread:⁣
- 3 puréed mangoes ⁣
- 3 baby fig bananas

- organic walnut flour⁣
- organic teff flour @hattonhillorganic
- organic amaranth flour @erbology_london
- organic coconut flour⁣
- organic hemp seeds⁣
- organic chia seeds⁣
- organic dessicated coconut @crazyjackorganic
- soursop leaf powder @detoxtrading (gifted)⁣
- organic ground Ceylon cinnamon @hattonhillorganic
- organic vanilla powder @vanillabazaar
- pink Himalayan salt⁣
- organic melted coconut oil @coconutmerchant
- organic walnut oil @erbology_london
- coconut yoghurt @coconutcollab

Ingredients for the mango caramel glaze:⁣
- 1 puréed mango⁣
- organic coconut butter⁣
- organic coconut milk @rerootedorganic
- organic coconut honey @coconutmerchant
- sea moss gel

1. Mix all the ingredients for the bread together and pour into a lined loaf tin.

2. Garnish with some mango pieces.

3. Place in the oven at 180°/gas mark 4 for 1 hour.

4. Meanwhile, melt the coconut butter in a pan and add the remainder of the ingredients for the mango caramel glaze.

5. Keep it on a low heat and continue to stir for a few minutes.

6. Turn off the heat, allow to cool and then mix in a spoon of sea moss gel.

7. Once the bread is baked and has cooled down, pour the glaze over the top and enjoy.

Quote: "As you guys may have noticed, I don’t include quantities for ingredients because I never measure anything. I honestly prefer to just cook and bake intuitively with my heart and soul" - @vegansua


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