250g Supreme Organic Madagascan Vanilla Pod Tin

250g Supreme Organic Madagascan Vanilla Pod Tin


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250g Supreme Organic Madagascan Vanilla Pod Tin

Vanillabazaar is certified by the Organic Federation in the UK to sell products to these standards. This ensures the full traceability of all these products back to the grower. The organic status ensures that no pesticides were used in the production of these pods and are always the best quality available.. Supreme pods vary in size between 15cm to 20cm and each pod has extra special care taken to look after them to ensure a high level of vanillin and good moisture content. These pods will not disappoint.

Pods of this grade have a strong vanilla flavour with smokey undertones, ideal for flavouring where a good vanilla flavour is required. Organic pods are grown by professional farms many of them run by familes which specialise in maintaining Organic standards. This extra care helps to make sure the vanillin yield per pod is high.

We understand that sometimes customers do not want to use all the pods they buy straight away. This is why we package our pods very carefully to help maintain the life and flavour of the pods after you have bought them. Smaller quantities are packaged in air-impermeable glass tubes and larger quantities are packed in sets of 250g vacuum sealed food grade bags and then in an airtight tin canister. You can also help maintain the life of the pods by keeping the pods out of sunlight, at room temperature and also by resealing any vacuum bags or making sure the lids on the tubes are kept fully closed.


  • Grade A
  • Very high vanillin and seed content
  • Excellent moisture content
  • Approx 15-17cm long in tubes and 15-20cm long in tins
  • Average weight per pod for current batch is 4.2g.

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250g Supreme Organic Madagascan Vanilla Pod Tin

EAN 5060290220217
Quantity 250g
Length (cm) 15-17cm
Vanilla Grade Supreme Organic
Organic Yes
Fairtrade No
5 star
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