Essential Vanilla Pods


This category of pods is the cheapest option of pods and are generally quite rare to find in stock. They are still supple pods although the moisture level is much lower than our other grades and would therefore feel and look much dryer. The lengths of these pods are less than 15cm and as a result the vanillin level is lower too. 

Pods of this grade have a good flavour and can be used for general use in everyday cooking and flavouring as normal even though aesthetically they may not look as good as other grades.These pods are grown by family run farms who take no short-cuts in the curing process.

We understand that sometimes customers do not want to use all the pods they buy straight away. This is why we package our pods very carefully to help maintain the life and flavour of the pods after you have bought them. Smaller quantities are packaged in air-impermeable glass tubes and larger quantities are packed in sets of 250g vacuum sealed food grade bags and then in an airtight tin canister. You can also help maintain the life of the pods by keeping the pods out of sunlight, at room temperature and also by resealing any vacuum bags or making sure the lids on the tubes are kept fully closed.


  • Grade A
  • Medium vanillin and seed content
  • Low moisture content
  • 15cm of less in length
  • Weight per pod varies between 1.5 and 2.5g depending on the batch