Essential Vanilla Pods

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Award-winning chef Neven Maguire shows how to use our vanilla pods

Good quality vanilla pods which are dryer than other classes of pods but still have a high vanillin content. These pods vary in size between 11 and 19cm and are ideal for making extracts or wherever the cooking process allows for a longer infusion to take place. Specifications are available upon request as are samples. Please call or email us.

The current batch of these pods are extract grade. They have a moisture content of less than 30% and are pliable and with a great aroma.

Pods of this grade can be used for general use in everyday cooking and flavouring especially where the ingredients require infusion through boiling or alcohol. 

Available in the usual 250g, 500g and 1Kg tins as well as a sample pack (one per customer)


  • Grade A
  • Medium vanillin and seed content
  • Low moisture content
  • 11-19cm in length. 
  • Average weight per pod is 2.5g (15cm). This is not guaranteed but indicative.
Essential Vanilla Pods
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