Wholesale Customers

Vanillabazaar’s main activities are in wholesale and supplying resellers quality Madagascan vanilla products around the world. We have been supplying products to restaurants and manufacturers in food service packaging since 2006 and have always had continuity of supply.

We can cater for all qualities of vanilla products with any required organoleptic properties, moisture content, microbiological parameters and physical nature. Our list of certifications below means we can supply the most stringent quality requirements our customers require including those who are BRC certified:

  • Flocert (Fairtrade Foundation)
  • Organic Food Federation
  • SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval)
  • 5 Star Food Standard Agency Food Safety and Hygiene rating

Our direct relationship with Madagascan suppliers means that most requests can be catered for at the right price.

UK Distributors

Another major part of our compliment is in providing retail products for resellers with our brand label, or your own. Our prices are always competitive relative to the market and we can normally guarantee availability if enough notice is given.

We also supply point of sale boxes so that if you are a shop, you can display our products in a highly visible, smart, bespoke box that has variable inserts depending on what your requirements are. We can also help with marketing material, and as many of our customers are abroad we can also help with labelling and marketing material in other languages.

Pod Box Extract Box Jar Box Mixed Box

We are currently running a promotion with display boxes which gives our customers an extra discount off the standard discounts for the six months from March. This gives excellent mark-ups of over 100% on some products. Please call for details quoting 'Box Promotion'.

Non-UK Distributors

We work with many agents already and have had long fruitful relationships with all of them since 2008. We have the following models for working with distibutors in non-UK regions.

Food Service Distributor

  • The agent sells food service and/or retail products to their clients
  • They buy products at a maximum discount level from us.
  • We can pack food service products in varying packs, e.g. pods, powder, seeds can be in 50g, 100g, 250g, 1Kg, 5Kg etc.
  • We can supply labels configured for the company
  • Marketing material can be provided
  • Credit is available subject to credit checks
  • There is a minimum turnover commitment per year and is reviewed periodically to maintain exclusivity potentials for a region.

Wholesale Distributor

  • The individual or company can include our products (food service or retail) as part of their catalogue offering
  • We offer the products at lower than RRP (our website)
  • We can deliver directly to the client or it can be consignment stocked if there is fast turnover
  • A negotiated commission is paid on these transactions to the agent
  • Marketing material can be provided
  • No minimum turnover is required unless own label is required

Contact Us

Contact us for more details on 0203 291 0786. Please note the above is subject to change.